Miller Hoppers has been manufacturing hopper bottoms for over fifteen years in Alberta. We retrofit cones to any manufacturer’s grain bin. Miller cones are engineered for safety and years of performance. Each cone is 100% welded throughout and comes standard with a two year structural warranty. Miller Hoppers are prepped, primed and painted inside and out in our specially designed painting facility. Miller cones are designed for ease of mounting. The cone material is attached at the top of the structural ring allowing for all the mounting work to be completed without having to enter the bin! Choose from various options items including skid packages, aeration, crank side gates and auger chutes.

Miller Slide Gate:  roller bearing suspended - no track to jam - for easier opening, especially when loaded. Option: Crank Side Gate system is also available if desired.
Miller Drip Collar:  prevents rain water and condensation from coming in contact with the side gate.
Miller Auger Chutes: swivel chutes (360 degrees) or stationary auger chutes can be custom built to your needs.
Miller Skids:  when placed upon a compacted gravel base, this dsign offers stability without the need for concrete pads. Available with a single or double ring depending upon the size of bin.
Miller Side Aeration: dry your grain fast and easy. Horizontal aeration is available in all hopper sizes.
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